Classroom Discipline

Review Article 17 of the Negotiated Agreement FY 16 CCPS EACC FINAL for more information.

COMAR 13A.08.01.11 (formerly SB 221, Student Discipline Bill) requires administrators to conference with a teacher prior to returning a child to class when the child has been excluded for disruptive behavior. In the law, “confer means a discussion or dialogue by any means in which the views of the teacher are communicated and considered.” The teacher cannot refuse to readmit the child if his/her input is not followed.

Ask your EACC Building Rep for a “green sticker” which states the following:


Per Maryland law, I request a conference with an Administrator before this student is returned to my classroom.

Thank you. ___________________

This sticker can be placed on the referral.  You can also handwrite a request for a conference on the referral.  See Article II for more contract language regarding maintenance of classroom control & discipline.

Contact your school’s UniServ or the EACC Administrative  Assistant for more information.