Extra Pay for Extra Duty

Review Article 16 of the Negotiated Agreement FY 16 CCPS EACC FINAL for more information.

A.)     The positions listed in Section B have been approved for extra pay at the designated rate listed. The rate of pay represents a maximum stipend and is contingent upon the individual fulfilling all of the provisions of the Extra Pay for Extra Duty contract. In the event a stipend is reduced by the principal because all provisions have not been fulfilled, the decision shall be made after a conference between the principal and the employee.

C.)     All vacancies for extra pay positions will be adequately publicized.

D.)     Assumption of all extra pay duties shall be voluntary and the signature of the employee shall be required on the contract prior to performing the duties.


NOTE: Teacher Partners/Mentors can be assigned to help either one teacher (Paid at Category 15) or two teachers (paid at Category 13). They cannot be assigned to mentor more than two teachers.