Fair Share Fee

Fair Share Fee


“Agency Fee”


The representation fee, like membership dues, reflects expenses on your behalf by all three affiliates. The total representation fee for EACC/MSEA/NEA for the 2017-2018 school year for a full-time teacher is $412.73 or $22.93 per pay period for 18 payments.

As a representation fee payer you will not receive the full range of services provided by EACC/MSEA/NEA. If you elect not to join the association, you do not have the access to the above listed benefits, you do not have the right to vote in negotiated contract ratifications or Association elections, nor do you have the right to hold office in the Association. In other words, you are only guaranteed those services that the Association is required to provide to you under Section 6-407 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Dues for full-time EACC members are only $14.00 more than the representation fee for each of the eighteen (18) affected pay periods. We hope that you will join the Association because it is only through your participation in the Association that we can put our strongest foot forward.

Contact for More Information

EACC Office: 301.392.0150 or AimeeĀ Holmes at aholmes@mseanea.org.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not fill out and submit a membership form, it is presumed that the employee has opted out of EACC membership, waived all member-only benefits, and the representation fee will be applied. Bona fide religious objections may be considered with verification of the objection and proof of donation of amount equal to the amount of the representation fee to a non-religious charity.