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Contact List for Elected Officials

Contact List- Charles County Board of Education, Commissioners and Legislators   EACC Member Town Hall: Wed., Feb. 25, 2015, NPHS Auditorium, 5:00 – 7:00 PM EACC Rep Assembly/MSEA “Call to Action”: Wed., March 11, 2015, 5:00PM   Board of Education:  Chairman: Virginia McGraw, email: Vice-chair: Michael Lukas, email: Board Member: Jennifer Abell, email:

Meet the Candidates April 28, 2014

Please join the Prince George’s County Women’s Alliance to get to know the 2014 Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates! Don’t miss the discussion on issues facing the county and the State of Maryland before heading to the polls on June 24th! The Prince George’s County Women’s Alliance has partnered with the Prince George’s County chapters of the

Calvert County Endorsed Candidates

Calvert Education Association (CEA) Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff (CAESS) Endorsement Council Recommendations for 2014 Elections   County Commissioners  District 1- Mike Hart (Republican) District 2 – Pat Nutter (Republican) District 3- Kelly McConkey (Democrat) Member at Large George Owings, III (Democrat) David Gatton (Republican) Board of Education  Member at Large Dr. Eugene Karol

Hot Topics

School Year Calendar & Waivers 1)              The BOE requested a waiver of four days from the State Board. Waivers are not automatic by any means, and the declaration of “state of emergency” is not a factor. The decision will be made by the state Superintendent. Hopefully CCPS will get an answer early next week. EACC

Call the Governor!

We did it! Today, the General Assembly gave final passage to three bills—HB 1001, HB 1164, and HB 1167—that will create:  A moratorium on counting test scores in teacher and principal evaluations until at least the 2016-17 school year. A workgroup with strong educator representation to get to the bottom of and address the many

Diversity Institute Forum at North Point High School

The Diversity Institute of the College of Southern Maryland invites you to the “2014 Unity in OUR Community” Diversity Forum. The 2014 theme is “Our Community, Our Future”. The Guest Speaker, Mr. Dana M. Jones, Chief Executive Officer (UPO) United Planning Organization will address topics our community and its future. Mistress of Ceremonies for the event

Brown/Ulman Canvassing

Lt. Governor Brown’s campaign for Governor (Brown/Ulman for Governor) will be canvassing the neighborhoods of Waldorf, MD. Will you come out and assist with making MSEA presence known? We will be canvassing the neighborhoods every fourth Saturday of the month.   Meet up time for training:  9:45 am.Time: 10am-2pm     Address: 3098 Old Washington

Email Your Legislators

The poorly planned implementation of Common Core-based curriculum, new teacher evaluations, and the shift from MSA to PARCC assessments is all hitting at once. Instead of a thoughtful, measured roll-out that helps take our schools to the next level, this tsunami of education reform is threatening the success of Maryland’s world-class schools. We need the General

Member and Staff Roles in Campaign 2014

Members and Staff Roles in Campaign 2014  General and sample activities for each layer are noted below.   Regional Political Organizer Develop and lead implementation of the Campaign 2014 Regional Plan. Gather and report progress toward all campaign and PAC organizing goals. Develop presentations and materials to facilitate organizing and mobilization efforts. Build and maintain