Email Your Legislators

The poorly planned implementation of Common Core-based curriculum, new teacher evaluations, and the shift from MSA to PARCC assessments is all hitting at once. Instead of a thoughtful, measured roll-out that helps take our schools to the next level, this tsunami of education reform is threatening the success of Maryland’s world-class schools.

We need the General Assembly’s help to get the time, resources, and flexibility to get these changes right.

Urge legislators to support these bills:

HB 1167/SB 676, which ensure that teacher and principal evaluations are developed locally by educators and school systems and cannot include student test scores until at least the 2016-17 school year.

HB 1001/SB 910, which ensure that all ESEA waivers that MSDE submits follow Maryland law—no strings attached on evaluations, testing, and other pet policies of bureaucrats that do not conform with our state’s laws.

HB 1164, which creates a Common Core workgroup with strong educator representation to assess the professional development needs and technology gaps necessary to successfully implement the new standards and administer PARCC.

For too long, our education policies have been dictated by the unproven reforms and unfunded mandates of Race to the Top. It’s time to make choices that are right for students, not bureaucrats.

Click the link below and you will be directed to email your legislators about these important topics.