Teacher Planning Days


School Year 2017-2018

  The FY 2018 Negotiated Agreement between the EACC and the BOE provides:


 Ten early dismissal days:

  • A minimum of 2 hours is devoted to teacher planning after students leave
  • Unit I members may opt to work at an alternate location
  • No mandatory meetings allowed


Four report card preparation days:

  • A minimum of 2 hours at the end of 1st and 3rd quarters
  • Employees are required to work at their schools on these days.
  • One half teacher work day at the end of 2nd quarter (3.5 hours, not including lunch)
  • At least four hours at the end of 4th quarter
  • Those with Seniors: due dates for grades will be set for an earlier date by central office, but two hours will be allotted for report card preparation
  • No mandatory meetings allowed


The following 2-hour early dismissal days are DESIGNATED TEACHER PLANNING:

  1.  Wednesday, September 27th
  2. Thursday, October 26th
  3. Friday, November 10th (half day -teacher in-service day)
  4. Friday, January 12th
  5. Friday, February 16th
  6. Wednesday, March 7th
  7. Wednesday, April 25th
  8. Monday, May 21st


9.  Thursday, June 14th

10.  Friday, June 15th


The following days are DESIGNATED REPORT CARD PREP:

  1. Thursday, November 9th (2 hours)
  2. Wednesday, January 24th (half day)
  3. Friday, March 23rd (2 hours)


4. Tuesday, June 12th (total 2 hours for report card prep) * 

5.  Wednesday, June 13th(total 2 hours for report card prep) *


*A total of 4 hours at the end of the fourth quarter is negotiated – this time can be divided into two days as above.

End of the year dates will be pushed back, if necessary, based on the number of snow days used.




(revised 09-12-17)