Special Education IEP Casework Days

Review Article 13 of the Negotiated Agreement FY 16 CCPS EACC FINAL for more information.

H.a.) Special Education – Special education teachers who do not have a recurring daily planning period designed for IEP case work, over and above normal planning as described above, will be provided with one full day each quarter during the normal student day for IEP case work at the teacher’s own direction. The scheduling of these days of IEP planning will be developed in collaboration between the principal and the teacher so as to address the workload most efficiently.

H.b.) In addition to the days described in paragraph a) above, special education teachers who serve as case managers for 5 or more students with IEPs may request up to one additional day per quarter for IEP case work. The principal will approve these additional days, as long as they are not scheduled so as to conflict with the school’s educational program.